How Often Should You Wash A Ceramic Coated Car?

Ceramic coating is a wise investment for people who want to keep their vehicles in pristine condition. A ceramic coating will protect your car’s paint from damage. To prolong the lifetime of a ceramic coating, should we wash it regularly? What are the best ways to wash it? Let’s get the answer with Love’s Auto Detail in Kapolei, HI!

Wash A Ceramic Coated Car Loves Auto Detail Kapolei HI

How Frequently Should We Wash A Ceramic Coated Vehicle?

According to experienced technicians, you should wash your ceramic-coated car every two weeks. The hydrophobic features of ceramic coating will begin to decrease over time if it is not routinely cleansed to eliminate environmental contaminants that stick onto the clear coat. To prolong the lifetime of your vehicle’s ceramic coating, you should wash your automobile regularly. Additionally, this will prevent the excessive accumulation of pollutants. Even if you put a car cover on your vehicle, remember that dust may penetrate the surface at microscopic levels.

What Will Happen If We Don’t Maintain A Ceramic Coating Properly?

Ceramic coatings will deteriorate if you fail to care for them with regular cleaning, maintenance boosters, and other maintenance techniques. Here are a few results of improper maintenance:

Loss of luster

An automobile with a ceramic coating sparkles from a distance, and if properly maintained, this shine lasts for an extended time. Without proper maintenance, however, the ceramic coating fades, and your vehicle loses its sheen and polished appearance.

Reduced hydrophobicity

Due to its hydrophobic properties, contaminants such as water, dirt, and filth readily slide off a ceramic-coated surface. Ceramic coatings lose their hydrophobic properties if not adequately maintained by frequent washing.

Deterioration and harm to your paintwork

Ceramic coatings can be damaged by debris, sunlight, bird droppings, and other contaminants if they are not cleaned and maintained properly. Your vehicle’s factory paint will be exposed to the weather and deteriorates over time which will be made worse if you don’t care for your ceramic-coated vehicle properly. 

How To Wash A Ceramic Coated Vehicle Properly?

Here are some important points everyone should know to help care for their ceramic-coated vehicles.

  • Avoid cleaning your vehicle at a self-service car wash because automated car washes employ very abrasive brushes that might cause damage to your ceramic coating.
  • Utilize hand washing but avoid washing your car in direct sunlight.
  • Maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness. Even though ceramic coating will prevent your automobile from quickly becoming filthy, we still need to clean it to avoid the accumulation of contaminants.
  • Make sure to promptly remove impurities such as bird droppings, water spots, tree sap, and insect splashes from the car’s paint.
  • Use professional vehicle wash supplies, and choose a sensitive, ph-neutral car wash soap. A robust vehicle shampoo is unnecessary as the coating is already doing half the cleaning. Aggressive chemicals will destroy both the ceramic coating and the vehicle’s paint.
  • Utilize the two-bucket car wash method. The two-bucket approach suggests using one bucket for the shampoo wash solution and another bucket filled with water to rinse the wash mitt.
  • Dry the car with a microfiber cloth. In addition to absorbing minute particles, bacteria, and germs, these towels are absorbent.

There are several methods for preserving luster and general performance. Don’t throw away your investment! Utilize all prescribed maintenance procedures, and your ceramic coating will perform as expected.

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