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Paint correction is a labor-intensive process that usually takes up the most time when it comes to car detailing. Let’s book an appointment now to discuss how we can improve your paintwork!


The swirl marks on a car’s paint are caused by the misuse of products and tools in washing and everyday use. These problems can be seen as holograms or fine spider marks in your paint and when you look at them directly from an angle, you can see these round fine marks, which are known as “swirls.” It happens because auto detailers or automatic washes don’t know how to use their equipment properly or wash a car safely.

Love’s Auto Detail is the place in Kapolei, Hawaii to go for that perfect detail! We’ll take care of any light scratches, swirl marks, or other imperfections such as water spot stains, and etching with ease. The water is incredibly contaminated in Hawaii with a lot of minerals, meaning water spots are something we deal with every day.

Spider webs are a common occurrence on the surface of cars. They form when washing or towels used to dry your vehicle come into contact with contaminants, which causes them to leave behind scratches in their wake. Spiderweb marks can also happen if you wash correctly but use an incorrect material for washing as well, causing dragging on the paintwork.


Paint Contamination can be a serious issue for vehicles and is caused by the environment. The most common contaminants we see here in Hawaii are water spots, iron fallout, and tar problems on the paintwork, glass, and plastics.

Contamination can be felt by rubbing your hand over the paintwork of your vehicle. If it is not smooth as glass, then you’ll notice that there are contaminants stuck on it and it will make bumpy textures when touched with a simple touch. Iron, Tar, Water spots, Tree sap, etc are some different types of contaminants we need to remove, to ensure the original paint stays in its best condition. 

Contamination is most noticeable on white vehicles, but it occurs in all colors. These little brown or gold speckles are a sign that major problems may be coming up soon because dirt carries with it chemicals that can oxidize and react with your paint, causing it to fade and lose its gloss and luster.

You can see these little metal partials embedded into the surface of the paint where they then begin to rust if the clear coat is damaged. This causes water penetration under it, which is what leads to chipping and peeling away where you may get small chips and flaking.

A clay bar treatment is one of the best ways to remove contamination from your vehicle. The detailers’ secret, this long-time favorite of professional car detailers has become more popular in recent years – as it helps restore a vehicle’s surface by picking up all those pesky contaminants from the surface, leaving a mirror smooth surface.

The benefits don’t stop there! The paint correction process can be benefited by a ceramic coating, such as Ceramic Pro Sport or Ceramic Pro 9H, that will seal in the new-looking paint and keep it looking shiny and protected from the elements for years.


What is the ceramic coating?

As you know, ceramic coatings are a great way to protect your car’s exterior paint from contaminants. Made with advanced chemicals that create a semi-permanent bond on the surface of the paint, plastic, glass, and more. These advanced paint protection systems by Ceramic Pro have super hydrophobic properties, which make it almost impossible for dirt or water to stick to the surface. Not only that, a vehicle protected by our Ceramic Coatings will be extremely glossy, smooth to the touch, and will prevent damage from the elements.

What are the similarities between these two services?

Paint correction must be applied to the paintwork before we complete a ceramic coating package. This doesn’t mean to say we will work to remove 100% of swirl marks and small scratches, we work to improve the paint job in the safest way possible – we do not want to remove the clear coat!

Both paint correction and ceramic coatings serve the purpose of keeping your car looking newer for longer, but in order to protect and preserve your newly polished paint it is important to seal it in with a ceramic coating or sealant that reduces the risk of UV rays, dust particles, minor wash swirls, bird droppings, etc.

It’s great to know that you are thinking about polishing and protecting your car! A combination of paint correction and ceramic coating service will not only keep the exterior looking good, but also increase your vehicle’s resale value.


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