Lets have a look at some differences in paint defects


Swirl marks are dips and valleys on the surface of a vehicles paint that appear to be holograms when you look at the finish in direct sunlight. These marks are caused by the misuse of products and tools in washing  process by an inexperienced auto detailer or automatic car washes.


These defects can be removed with the proper techniques by an experienced professional detailer like Love’s Auto Detail.


Spider webs are super fine straight line scratches on the surface of a vehicles paint that appear to form a spider web like pattern when viewed in direct sunlight. These marks are so common that they even appear on a brand new vehicle on a showroom floor. Spider webs are caused by washing, drying or wiping the surface of a vehicle with a dry, dirty, or incorrect material cloth or towel.


These defects can be removed via Paint Correction 


Paint Contamination is a very common issue with vehicles. The most common contaminate is brake rust and industrial fall out.


Contamination can be felt by rubbing your hand over the vehicles finish. If it is not smooth as glass it contains contaminates. Most people think the rough finish can be solved by waxing. The truth is waxing only seals in these contaminates.

Contamination is most noticeable on white vehicles (however it occurs on all colors of vehicles) These little brown or gold speckles are the beginning of major problems. 


Under a magnifying glass you can see these little metal partials embedded into the surface of the paint where they then begin to rust which creates a pin hole for water to penetrate under the paint. 


The most common end result is oxidation and or a bubble in the paint that flakes off to reveal a large rust spot.


The best way to remove this contamination is with a Clay Bar Treatment. Just like the name, a bar of detailers clay and lubricant is used to gently rub over the surface of the vehicle, similar to a skin exfoliation.  This longtime secret of professional detailers is becoming more and more known to the average person and weekend warrior. The clay picks up these contaminates leaving your vehicles surface on the right path to preservation and smooth as glass.


This treatment is a must and is included in our Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating packages.