How do you remove water spots from ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings have brought about a revolution in the protection of vehicles because they are exceptionally long-lasting and durable. On the other hand, even the most exceptional ceramic coatings are susceptible to water spots, which, if not addressed appropriately, may leave marks on the surface that are not only ugly but also detrimental.

In this blog post, provided by the expert technicians at Love’s Auto Detail, we will discuss the characteristics of water spots and successful techniques for removing them from ceramic coatings. 

What are water spots?

Evaporation of water from the surface results in mineral deposits known as water spots. Diverse elements, including hard water, minerals, and contaminants in the water, are all potential causes of these deposits. Minerals that are contained inside water droplets are left behind on the surface when they evaporate, which results in the creation of spots. These spots may be more noticeable on ceramic coatings because of the hydrophobic nature of the coatings, which causes water to bead up rather than distribute uniformly over the surface.

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Water spots on car

How do you remove water spots on ceramic coating?

When water spots on a ceramic coating are not removed, it may lead to the coating’s deterioration and, in the worst possible situation, damage to the paintwork that was initially applied. When dealing with water spots on a ceramic coating, it is essential to follow these guidelines:

Prompt action

If you become aware of water spots on your ceramic coating, it is imperative that you take immediate action to eliminate them. When water spots are left on the coating for a more extended period, it becomes more difficult to remove them. The first step is to properly wash the area affected to eliminate any dirt or debris that may be loose.

Gentle cleaning

The water stains may be carefully cleaned utilizing a wash mitt or sponge of soft microfibre and a vehicle shampoo with a neutral pH. Avoid using strong chemicals or abrasive cleaning instruments since they can harm the ceramic coating. To avoid reapplying the mineral deposits, working in tiny portions carefully and rinsing the mitt or sponge often is essential.

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Vinegar solution

A gentle vinegar solution may be used if the watermarks do not disappear after a light washing. Apply the mixture to the afflicted region with a gentle cloth or sponge after mixing distilled white vinegar and water in equal proportions. Before washing with clean water, gently apply the vinegar mixture over the areas and let it rest for a few minutes. The mineral deposits are more easily broken down and removed with the help of the mild acidity of vinegar.


To remove stubborn water stains that refuse to move, you may have to resort to gentle polishing. Choose a polishing compound that is gentle and has been developed particularly for use with ceramic coatings. A tiny quantity should be applied to a microfiber applicator pad, then the pad should be worked into the afflicted area using gentle circular movements. Utilize a clean microfiber cloth to remove the residue from the surface.

Ceramic coating maintenance

To ensure that your ceramic coating retains its original quality, it is vital to take measures to prevent water stains from appearing again. Consider spraying a ceramic coating booster or spray sealer regularly to improve the hydrophobic qualities of the coating and make it more efficient at repelling water. Additionally, it would help if you tried to avoid parking your vehicle near sprinklers or regions that have hard water since these factors might increase the probability of water spots developing on your car.

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There is no long-term solution to water stains, even though they may be a nuisance. You must use the proper methods and tools to properly remove water spots from the ceramic coating. This will allow you to restore the coating’s gloss and protect your investment. It is important to remember to approach the removal procedure cautiously and to use techniques that are not abrasive to prevent destroying the protective layer. You can maintain your ceramic-coated car, which will look its best for many years if you regularly perform maintenance and take preventative precautions.

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