What Do We Use To Detail A Car?

Car detailing is the process of cleaning the exterior and the interior of a vehicle so that your car looks and smells in pristine condition! Does car detailing benefit your vehicle? What do the technicians use to get that shiny luster for your car? Let’s follow Love’s Auto Detail in Kapolei, HI, to see how car detailing benefits your vehicle and the tools required to carry out automotive detailing!

What Do We Use To Detail A Car Loves Auto Detail Kapolei HI

What Are The Main Benefits Of Automotive Detailing?

If you want to maintain your car’s shiny appearance, automotive detailing is the perfect solution for your vehicle. Here are some advantages of automotive detailing that everyone should know!

Maintain your upholstery

Regardless of the kind of upholstery in your automobile, a car detailing service will give a thorough cleaning and may also incorporate protective chemicals as part of the process. To avoid cracking and tearing, a protective and moisturizing agent is applied to leather surfaces. Shampoo may be used to remove stains from soft surfaces, and a fabric protector may be used to prevent new stains.

Extend the automobile’s life

When your car’s engine is clean and operating effectively, it will have a longer lifespan. This is also true for the interior of your car. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last! Automotive detailing will eliminate all the contaminants, protect the car’s paint and preserve the car’s value!

Keeps Your Vehicle’s Interior Smelling Fresh

Nobody wants a bad smell inside their car! Unpleasant odors may be caused by various factors, such as spilled liquids or even food eaten in the car. Regular vacuuming and wiping of your car’s interior will assist in eliminating unpleasant scents.

Prevent Allergies

Dust, pollen, and pet hair may accumulate in your automobile. For allergy sufferers, these toxins can be a living nightmare! Detailing your automobile will assist you in avoiding these impurities.

Properly cleaning the inside of your vehicle will help to eliminate any lingering impurities with a thorough cleaning and wipe-down. The auto detailer will also replace the cabin air filter to prevent outside dust and pollen from entering the vehicle.

Five Common Tools Required For Automotive Detailing!


If you’re tired of battling dirt stains, water swirls, and paint scratches, you need a pair of high-quality vehicle cleaning buckets, each with a screen that captures dirt and filth. These screens prevent dirt particles from adhering to the sponge and damaging your vehicle’s paint.

Car cleaning mitt

Large, spongy vehicle wash gloves are required for auto detailing. They are non-abrasive, absorbent, and have a terrific impact on the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Applicators and brushes

There are many applications for these brushes, which come in various shapes and sizes. Brushes also come in varying degrees of coarseness, so the brush used to remove dirt from your tire will be different from the one you use to clean your paint.

Vacuum and blower

These tools for eliminating grime are the basic equipment required for vehicle detailing. Before washing or wiping off the inside surfaces of your vehicle, you must remove all that grime. A portable vacuum/blower will do wonders and pick up anything that a simple sweep would miss, particularly on vehicle carpet.

Foam cannon

A foam cannon is the most efficient technique to cover the greatest area in the shortest amount of time. It washes your car from front to rear, allowing you to wipe it clean with a sponge swiftly.

Automotive Detailing at Love’s Auto Detail In Kapolei, HI.

Love’s Auto Detail in Kapolei, HI, provides multiple packages which will make your car look in pristine condition. Furthermore, we have highly qualified and professional technicians! Here are some of the packages we have available: 

Automotive Detailing Loves Auto Detail Kapolei HI

Mini Detail

  • Exterior wash topped with a durable protective sealant(may require decontamination)
  • Cleaning of the wheel wells
  • Entire rim
  • Tire dressing
  • Door jambs
  • Cup holders
  • Thorough vacuum
  • A quick wipe down of interior
  • Quick wipe down of trunk
  • Dress exterior molding and trim
  • Interior and exterior windows and deodorizer

Complete Detail

  • Exterior detail
  • Clay bar treatment topped with a durable hydrophobic sealant
  • Cleaning of the wheel wells
  • Entire rim
  • Tire dressing
  • Dress moldings
  • Door jambs
  • Thorough vacuum
  • Clean and conditioned leather
  • Shampoo carpets/seats
  • Scrub door panels
  • Steam clean (if required)
  • Clean cup holders
  • Interior and exterior windows
  • Clean trunk
  • Clean exhaust tips

Exterior Detail

  • Exterior Detail
  • Clay bar treatment topped with a durable sealant
  • Cleaning of the wheel wells
  • Entire rim
  • Dress moldings/trim and tires
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Apply sealant to the exterior glass.

Automotive detailing at Love’s Auto Detail in Kapolei, HI, consists of multiple packages which wash your car from the exterior to the interior. Love’s Auto Detail provides highly qualified technicians and superior customer service. Contact Love’s Auto detail at (808) 628-0134 or visit us at 2045 Lauwiliwili St. Building 4 Kapolei HI to schedule automotive detailing! 


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